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David Tappan is an award-winning director who has established a fresh, distinctive voice in the commercial, documentary, and narrative film worlds. He has written and directed award-winning narrative short films while building a diverse portfolio of commercials for clients such as the Ritz-Carlton, StockX, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Quicken Loans. His work includes StockX’s “Sold Out”, a commercial filmed in a single shot which has aired on MTV, ESPN, and has gained over 750k views on YouTube. His direction of the Cavs 2018 Finals Opener “Paint it Black” was nominated for Best CGI/ Animated Commercial by the D Show. Chocolate and Cigarettes, a narrative short film he wrote, directed, and produced has won awards and screened at film festivals around the country, including the Academy Award-qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival.

Tappan’s offbeat, romantic, and somewhat surreal sensibility stems from his love of an eclectic array of world cinema. He draws inspiration from the best of classic cinema and hidden gems in modern arthouse. This has given him the flexibility to work well within a variety of genres while maintaining a strong, cohesive vision.

Passion is a word many of Tappan’s collaborators have used to describe his work ethic. He strives to give each project a unique voice and find new ways to push cinema forward.

INSPIRATION | Imagination

"Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination." - Jim Jarmusch