A story of love, heartache, chocolate, and cigarettes...

This slice-of-life drama & comedy revolves around Nick, an awkward flight attendant who decides that tonight is the night he's going to woo Cassidy, his beautiful and flirty coworker. Misinterpreting her signals as a sign that she is truly interested in him, he ends up going for her and stumbling into a terrible, awkward, (and comical) situation.

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Chocolate and Cigarettes was a story that poured out of me at a time when I was reflecting on unrequited love and the causes of loneliness. I was (and still am) obsessed with the technicolor musicals from the 40’s and 50’s and with more arthouse filmmakers like Woody Allen, Paul Thomas Anderson, Jacques Demy, Max Ophuls, and Federico Fellini.

The kinda-funny, kinda-serious romance film that resulted was “Chocolate and Cigarettes”.

Sharing the film with audiences, I’ve been surprised to find how such a personal film has such a universal appeal. People who’ve seen it have each connected to its themes of loneliness and unrequited love in unique and personal ways. They mention similar anecdotes from their own lives and have their own interpretations of the characters and the film’s message.

This is what makes me most proud of the film. That it is simple, honest, and universal. A film that starts conversations and which an audience can hopefully take away something into their own lives.



OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2018 Cleveland International Film Festival

WINNER - Silver Remy Award - 2018 WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2018 Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2018 Los Angeles Short Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTION - 2018 Grand Rapids Film Festival

FINALIST - Blow-Up International Arthouse Film Festival Chicago 2017

WINNER - Short Film Block Cinema Detroit 2018

NOMINEE - 2017 Movie Maverick Awards - Best Supporting Actress (Jenna Sofia)

MULTI-NOMINEE - 6th Annual Eclipse Awards Nominee - Best Narrative Short, Best Director (David Tappan), Best Actor (Michael McCallum), Best Cinematography (Patrick Dowdle)


Written, Directed, Produced by David Tappan

Produced by Sean Jackson and Alex Rosenau

Starring: Michael McCallum, Alora Smith, Jenna Sofia

Cinematography by Patrick Dowdle

Edited by Joseph Talbot

Costume Design by Lizzie Kassab

Production Design by Bad Trip Studios

Art Direction by Pat Bird, Victor Calugar, and Jaspar Thewes

A Tappan / Jackson / Rosenau Production

In Association with Woodward Original

RED Camera Package Provided by Eightfold Creative