Tappan’s approach to storytelling exists in the dreamy space between documentary realism and surrealism: EMOTIONAL REALISM. It is a style which embraces subjectivity and strives to show life as it is felt. Sometimes facts, figures, the laws of physics, what “really” would’ve happened, the “rules” of storytelling, and logic all need to be thrown out the window to most truthfully represent a feeling. Whether it’s by transporting audiences to a dream, memory, or nightmare Tappan loves to bring audiences to a place of heightened reality where emotions are magnified and things feel larger than life.


David Tappan is an award-winning director with a fresh, surreal voice in the commercial, music video, and narrative film worlds. He has built a diverse portfolio of commercials for clients such as the Ritz-Carlton, StockX, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and Quicken Loans. His work includes Chocolate and Cigarettes, a narrative short film which he wrote, directed, and produced and has won awards and screened at film festivals around the country, including the Academy Award-qualifying Cleveland International Film Festival.


INSPIRATION | Imagination

"Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination." - Jim Jarmusch